How to Increase Your Typing Speed

In the first grade I was typing about 45 WPM (Words Per Minute).  This was about 20 years ago and this skill is still valuable to me.  I’m starting a data entry job soon and have had worked on several.  Right now my Alphanumeric is at 11000 KPH (Keystrokes Per Hour) and my 10-Key is around 6500 KPH.

I only used one program to get my speed up, and I was not trying to get my typing speed up.  I was just trying to beat my mother in the game Letter Invaders on the program Typing Tutor 5 running Windows 3.1/DOS.

What really drove me was the competitive aspect of it.  I wanted to win, and I still want to win.  Letter Invaders was fun too!  Here’s a Youtube video of the game (Letter Invaders is towards the end).

Since this game was out there have been plenty of other free online games like it, so if I were looking to increase my speed I’d go right back to a game like this.  I’d also need someone to play against to dominate :)