Lifelong Meditation

I have surrendered to the fact that meditation is a habit I want to incorporate for life.  That means every day before the day starts.

I’ve done several trials where I’ve went 30 days, but never more than that.  I usually think to myself “I’m here now.  I can definitely see a difference between how it was before for me.  I guess I can stop”.   When I stop doing this though, I can tell the difference and it’s like I start backsliding.

I’m at about vaguely 5 weeks of doing it right now, and the results speak for themselves.  The difference between meditating and not meditating consistently is so huge it’s like night and day for me.

When I don’t meditate and/or visualize I succumb to lots of negative thinking and I feel beat up and the end of the day.  After weeks or months with no meditation I usually find myself broke and either angry or experiencing some other type of stress for a majority of the day.

I’m noticing while meditating I’m more grounded throughout the day.  It’s like there’s an anchor inside of me allowing me to speak clearer and more confidently.

I don’t filter myself as much.  I say what I want and I can express myself deeper and more truthfully.  My thoughts are clearer and I breathe better.

I feel more confident and powerful when I meditate, so I know this has got to be a life-long thing.  I feel like it’s the foundation for everything else I want.