Power of A Man, Desires of a Boy

When I was a kid I liked listening to music. I liked singing. I liked playing piano even though I didn’t know much. I loved playing basketball with other people. I loved to learn new things. I even loved spanking as a kid :)

Fast forward 20 years and I still love all those things. The difference is I have the power to do them at a higher level now, but the desire for every one of those activities is still there. I imagine these things I loved to do as a kid are things I will love doing for the rest of my life.

I appreciate this increase in power, and I want it to continue to increase.

I Wish I Were A Kid Again

Every now and then I’ll hear someone say “boy I wish I was a kid again…no bills, no responsibility”. I usually roll my eyes then afterward. Yeah, there were no bills and less responsibility, but there was also less authority and power. People told you what to do and you did it – all the time! It was hard to win at different aspects of life because you hadn’t internalized the rules that govern it.

You could play basketball, but bigger kids who were more skilled and physically stronger would just dominate you. You could sing as a kid, but there were some songs you couldn’t understand and connect with (i.e. love songs).

I like where I’m at now, thank you very much! I’m OK with having more responsibility. I love the feeling of being more powerful. And it makes me smile every time I remember that I still like doing things I liked to do 20 years ago.